Comfort Zones (#15 of 365)


We all from time to time can get comfortable in our “Comfort Zones”.  One of the most crucial things that I have realized within my personal journey was the importance breaking the trend, breaking free from conformity, and breaking free from that internalized jail called the “Comfort Zone”.  You can slowly rot and die in that mindset.  We must get comfortable being uncomfortable.  With that comes massive growth! MASSIVE! Behind those fears, behind the pain, the sacrifice lies your goals, YOUR DREAMS, the  person you’ve always wanted to be is sitting right behind that comfort zone.  Go talk to that pretty girl at the coffee shop, get up at 4AM and shake the game up, shock your body and go for a run, set that bar high and put your self out there. Do 365 strait days of Motivational, love supporting, conscious heightening videos WHATEVER it is get out there.  Fuel that light and those ideas you have by taking action and forgetting about the naysayers, criticism, and adversity  Because within those uncomfortable moments lives a lifetime full of Massive growth, pride, and love. Your Future Self Will Thank You. IMG_3128[1]

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