MindShift (#28 of 365)


What Is A MindShift?

Its like transferred energy. Its learning how to better utilize the handy dandy “mental toolbox” we all have stored in our minds.  The universe provides us with a variety of handy tools such as, visualization, perspective, ability to think, attention, ability to produce words, and a mind muscle connection that helps us bring ANYTHING into the playing field we would like. So, whats so important about this so called mind shift? Well,consciously or unconsciously these tools are always at work in creation to our actual physical reality and/or how we feel. We are either conscious of them (paying attention deliberately) or unconcious of them (just acting as if we have no part in creation and jumping to react or preform) Our self talk, our words we speak, thoughts we think, all determine the actions we take, and moreover more words we speak. but see the connection between what we think, and how we act are usually very similar. meaning that everything that we internalize and speak most about to ourselvs in this moment is going to be very similar to what we create and feel in the next. Its about trying to make that shift from playing the victim and letting everything be an obligation to playing the role of being the hero, and looking at everything as an opportunity!

“Find A Place Where There’s Joy, and the Joy Will Burn Out The Pain”

Choose Wisely – The Wolves

We have these inner wolves, that are hungry. Some hungry for success and happiness, others more hungry for fear and failure.  These wolves are guiding us and helping us create our physical reality and how we feel about not only ourselves but everything at a moment to moment, day by day, month by month basis! which wolf is going to take over and take charge and help us create.. Well???? the one we decide to feed the most by utilizing the universal toolbox!!


During the shift, lets speak more, think more, feel more, act more out of the vibration of love! Love to All! Hope you enjoyed my small video blog today. Lets make the mind shift and better utilize the tools in our handy “ToolBox”

“Nothing Happens Until The Pain Of Remaining The Same Outweighs The Pain Of Change” -Author Burt

“We Can Finally Stop Agreeing With Things That Insult Our Soul. We Deserve The World, AtLEast To Feel Good”-TPSG

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