Interaction Dependence – Shifting Worlds

Listening to Your Soul Speak

The “Shift” can be an interesting balance of flavors, but most definitely it has great potential to reach its extremes.  The “awakening” can be brutally uncomfortable, similar to going through the birth canal. Its dark, cramped, may seem lonely but in those cracks, at those important times of self-discovery something happens to us.  To our whole self, behind the ego, behind our problems, behind our situations is you. Who you are, Who I am.  Sometimes the hardest part is making that shift to the other side, sliding into that part of you that’s screaming to get out. Listening and sacrificing where you are for where you know you are destine to be or to go can be a scary lonely road up front, but has its extreme bennifits too. This can be extremely  difficult.  But we also must honor our creation and understand that at all times, for the appropriate development of our truth, our consciousness, our lives, we are extactly where we are supposed to be. We may feel attached, or have this dependence to feel apart of something.  Waking up from this is crucial in our development on the road to self-discovery through the lenses of our truth, and no one else’s.  We may be in a position where we’re sourrounded by unhealthy realationships, unhealthy situations etc.  These “things” we may or may not be fully conscious of how it’s really effecting us.  How does it make us feel, maybe we were unframilar where the pain was coming from. Maybe from our past, trauma or recent experiences played a part as well.  How do we feel? Do we care more about what others think of us more then what we think of ourselves? No one deserves that kind of credit not even me, nor you.  We are the ending determining factor that decides our reality, the reaction. We must learn how to tune out the critic outside and tune out the critic inside and feel what makes us feel good.  That’s a good symptom to follow on the road to self discovery not to say that the swamp lands of the soul isint an important place to visit, just should avoid setting up camp.   Whats behind that dependence you have with situations, places, people? Are you feeling like a prisoner? Who is it that’s thinking of these things right now? Are you beginning to question your creations? Who is it thinking of that recent thought? Who is it researching the root of that thought or recent choice? Are you questioning Your relationships? We’ll we’re starting to wake up. Feel that?   I have friends and damn I have some amazing friends, but I see a lot of them doing things that don’t resonate with my true self, doing drugs ect. Actions not correlating with there tone,  and it’s like theres some deep battles and the older I get the more it seems to level up on me.  Over the years I’ve developed some strong relationships and does it mean that if I start wanting more, and not want to surround my self with some of the unhealthy habits and unhealthy situations does it make me a bad person? It’s been something I’ve struggled with for a while, sometimes I crack and give life to those dark voices.  It’s seemed for me, the more I’ve covered my pain, my trauma, my wants or desires, and the more I’ve hidden them in even the deepest darkest corners, the more they have still seemed to lurk in the most familiar places in my life.  Making the shift  and tuning out all other expectations outside of ourselves and giving life to some of those screaming paths and ideas within us has a road.  A road that brings us up the tallest mountains, down the deepest valleys, and through some of the most confusing  obstacles known to man, but with it comes growth, wisdom, liberation, and deep deep fulfillment.  As we peer through and listen to our inner guidance system (which is simple, does it feel good? No behind that, does the result feel good? Even deeper, does it feel worth fighting for if you did it for 7 years?) somethings may seem a bit scary, but the sacrifice, just temporary sacrafice  is like a down payment on a gaurenteed future personal self-discovered enlightenment.  To new beginnings, to unlimited potential, to new heights and new depths.  In this, within all of this comes relationships, situations, and realities and will resonate with your truth.  The conflicts will be defeated, there will always be other conflicts, but this initial Shift is crucial for massive growth.  This is a Map, you are your map.  Tune out everything, for a moment listen, and we challenge you to take a few steps towards your light.  No one else’s.


Thank you you for taking the time to read (if you made it this far haha)

lately things have been hard.  Learning to take my past and future with a grain of salt.  Learning how to run with it.  Keep it all for the moments to come, past moments, but most of all the moment right NOW, just NOW.  Where are we at NOW,what are you choosing to think about NOW? What steps will you take, or what kind of love do you have to offer NOW? What about what are you letting yourself feel NOW? Love? Or fear? Pride? Or pain?


Choose Love, but acknowlege everything thing else.  Be conscious of the results when you resonate with everything besides love.  Let go of it, know it’s apart of you, let’s just ultamitaly choose Love.

“A vision with out action is a daydream, action with out vision is a nightmare”





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