What Emotions Am I Attached to? (#94 of 365

Emotions, Trauma, situations, etc. We can hold on to for whatever reason and hold them to a specific standard and if our statue we sculpted in our mind doesn’t add up it can really hurt even destroy us.  I’ve noticed for me, I can try to label my past and attempt to delete it from who I am, but even when I hide them in the deepest darkest corners of our lives and it will still seem to lurk in the most familiar places.  I’ve learned for me to take it as it is, in the beauty of being what it is, what it’s done, and accept it.  Let it play its purpose in your life and keep it close.  It doesn’t mean we have to label it anything nor become so attached to it that it makes us less of a person because of its existence. Just be, feel, and stay focused and no all played a valuables purpose.


Love to All friends!!!



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