Attitude Of Gratitude- Love Vibrations

Attitude of gratitude 

What an amazingly powerful force here!!!! A vibration of gratitude resonates with the vibration of love.  It’s feels good to feel good.




For Me, What I Believe To Be Important For The Evolution Of Concsiousness-(#182 of 365)

Lovely Awareness

For me, In my life, I began to feel a dramatic change in presence when I began stepping back from immediate auto-pilot mode, and started feeling out where I was in space and time.  More just space.  There is a space inside of us, within our minds, into our hearts that connects us with the infinite field.

please let me know what you think and share your ideas! Love to All!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Cracking The Code- Is Serendipity JUST A Coincidence? Thought Provoking- Explore “Thoughts Become Things” -(#170 of 365)

De-Mystifying The Mystical

Whats really happening here? What’s really going on with the relationship with our thoughts and reality.  Is everything just happening to us, or are we happening to it? Behind the mind, what is there? Can you ask questions to the question asker? Hmm cool fucking questions, let’s explore these topics a bit shall we?

Thoughts Become Things

Is there a relationship between How and what we think and our reality? Well, I frankly think YES! A huge piece of what we think, quite litterly, we’ll I guess metaphorically builds a Bridge Of Incidents that lead to fulfill whatever vibration we emit.

With a result in mind, and us sticking the course in combination with the courage to act on the messages and signs our reality will inevitably lead to To manifesto ✨✨

but it’s crucial to stick the course, stay true to ourselves, signs,  feelings and to maintate a state of openness and optimism for the reception of the abundance the universe has to offer us!!!!


check out the video! One of my favorite ones yet! Sending good vibes out to you all that k you so much for being awesome!!!!



The Magic Is Within Us- Vibrational Creators – (#156 of 365)

Our life’s to big to allow us to play to small.

Magic Within Us

Hmmmm.  Magic within us, what does that even mean? What does it mean for me, for you, for us?

Well  Magic, Miracles, and endless  Possibilities are alive within us.  Although they are alive, it’s up to us to bring them life.  The opinions of others, the circumstances it seems we were delt, and our past does thuroughly not dictate our potential.  Our State of Being, our conception of our self, our thoughts are the only things at play dictating our reality.

We are just not built to let ANYONE or ANYTHING dictate our one bat at life.

The cornerstone of which all things are based, come from mans conception of himself.

The magic is within us.  Our ideas, our passions, our dreams are all given to us for some Devine reason!!!!!!

I believe two of mans most remarkable features is his ability to manage the flexibility of his future, and the level of potency he chooses to share with the world ✨✨ The courage to share it can be most difficult but most rewarding! Your true self is calling you!!!!   Are you listening to the wind?

I wish for the knowledge to tune out the mind, the wisdom to tune in the heart, and the courage to act on my music.

Welcome all experiences with a smile, good and bad. Because you never know which ones going to collide your hard work with an awesome opportunity to show it off.

Feel the love, and feel the magic!!    Everything around you took courage to start! It lives in us, right now!!!!

Lets go, grow and glow!

I hope you enjoy the video! 🦆🦉🐟🙏

love to all✨✨


(Or is it)


We Start Everything At Zero, But In Zero Is EVERYTHING-(#153 of 365)

We are comprised of complete energy, an extension of source.  The more we tune into ourselves, and give life to that magic within us, the closer to source and the power within us we become!!!

Hope you enjoy the video!!!!

Manifesting Is Like Ordering Off Of Amazon-(#151 of 365)

Ordering Your Package

Do you want your delivery to show up? Would you like it to come in a Semi-timely fashion?  Do you have a detailed image of WHAT your ordering? What It looks like? Feels like?

When we put an order out into the universe it’s important to maintain action and react from a place from truth, self, and source.  We must be home to receive the package!!!!

Cool idea here, at least I like it! I’m weird though so who knows.  Haha

check out out the video to watch me attempt to explain this cool idea!

Have fun placing orders!!

Love to All!! ✨✨✨


Learning To Not Rush The Process- (#148 of 365)

Evoultion of Conciousness is a very interesting topic for me and many others, but I’ve been realizing (paradoxically speaking) ((which is awesome)) the more the actively talk about it in specifics people that are not ready for the tid bits of info will often shit you down, and leave them feeling even more vulnerable to the subject! In most cases, where as if you live in your truth and connect with like minded people along your passion the purpose of heighting awareness and the evolution of Conscious’s will of taken care of it self.  Not to say that for some who are ready to get blown away with awesome info isint bad because we need that too! Haha we need all of it!!

Just my thoughts today!!! I hope everyone has an amazing day!!!!! Love to sall!!✨✨✨